About Innovation Yatra

Telangana Innovation Yatra (TIY), a 4-day journey aims to make participants explore the real-time frugal innovations and expand their knowledge beyond the horizons of traditional ideation. KULT along with Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC) brings you TIY, to showcase different Innovations that have taken birth through personal pain and observation of problems across Telangana.


A first of its kind, it takes you to 10 different districts in Telangana and throws limelight on the novel innovations that are there in each district, taking 4 different routes from state starting from February 19 to February 22, 2020. It exposes to the galore of diversified leaders who have set an example to bring that embracing change in today’s daily lives.


  1. To give an exposure to the disruptive innovations across the state.
  2. To make participants interact with a multitude of pioneers and drive deep into the opportunities through innovation-ecosystem.
  3. Interaction with the like-minded people across the journey and meet different government authorities under one platform.
  4. To bring the overall development in participants and make them initiate new innovations.