Do you have an Innovative Idea?

TSCHE and TSIC presents you T-Ideathon.

If you are an innovative student just waiting for the BIGGEST innovation opportunity, thenTelangana Innovation Yatra 2020 is just for you.

All you need to do is participate in the unique T-Ideathon, showcase the best of your innovative ideas and get the chance to participate in Telangana’s most ambitious exploration into innovation, TIY 2020.


It is a simple yet challenging event brought to you by TSIC and TSCHE.Participate in T-Ideathon and stand a chance to witness the Telangana Innovation ecosystem inreal time action.


  1. Record a 90 to 120 seconds short video about the problem that you identified and your innovative solution to that problem.
  2. The Video should contain:

    1. The description of the problem identified.
    2. Your original innovative solution to the problem.
    3. The details of progress (if any) and/or your future plan(s) for the solution. 
  3. Whatsapp your video to the number +91 80740 18372 on or before 30th January 2020.
  4. Do not forget to include your details : Name, Age, Educational Institution, Branch of Study and Year of Study. Send these details as a Whatsapp text along with the video.


If you qualify in T-Ideathon i.e then you get a chance to win a scholarship to participate in TIY2020. This means a Direct Entry into TIY2020!So, don’t let anything stop you from being a part of this one of a kind journey that can take you along with selected others into the heart of Telangana Innovation ecosystem and get ready to turn your ideas into real time innovations